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PR Manager

Sinéad is an aspiring graphic designer, and animator. She has created all the design and promotional material. She has also worked closely with the programming team to ensure the graphics match the vision of the project. Sinéad has combined both hand-made and digital techniques to bring this project to life.

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Audio Engineer

Ashley is a budding programmer, and audio engineer. He worked with the team to ensure the visuals he was programming for PedalSketch came to a reality. He also worked on the music and sound icons needed for the project.

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Physical Design

Having experience as a skilled carpenter, Fergal is used to bringing original ideas to life. Exposure to the digital world has allowed him to create in several different mediums including 3D modelling, graphic design, and user interaction. These skills made Fergal an obvious choice for engineer of Pedalsketch.

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Project Manager
Secondary Programmer

Seán is an aspiring programmer who loves a challenge. He is interested in using programming to create interactive installations and hopes to further this with a career in Software Development.

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What do we do? How does it all work?

PedalSketch is an interactive installation which allows people who aren't necessarily artistic to collaborate on a digital piece of art.
PedalSketch removes all the usual connotations associated with traditional art creation. The project allows the user to interact with a very familiar object that would not typically be associated with art - in this case, a bicycle. This familiarity allows the user to shake off any preconceived notions they may have about their own artistic ability and lets them enjoy the experience for what it is.
The group have taken a very ordinary bicycle and adapted it so that anybody can now create extraordinary digital art by simply interacting with the bicycle.
The bicycle is mounted onto a stand and is fitted with an Arduino and various switches. These switches record the user’s interactions with the bicycle e.g. steering, pedalling, pulling brakes etc.
The information gathered from these switches is used to produce “generative art” which is projected onto a screen placed in front of the bicycle.
The graphics are generated in real-time so the user sees instantly how their actions are controlling the visuals in front of them.

Fís Poster

When can we see it? Fís 2014

On 4th and 5th June the Carroll’s Building at DkIT will play host to Fís 2014, the annual exhibition of work produced by the Multimedia and Film students. This is a unique opportunity for the public to experience first-hand this innovative project. Members of the public will have the chance to get on the bicycle and produce their own unique piece of digital art.
This exhibition will showcase the work carried out by students in this state of the art facility. The multimedia department combines many disciplines including film making, programming, web design, interactive design, and media theory.
This exhibition is open to the public; 6pm – 9pm Wednesday 4th June and 12pm – 9pm Thursday 5th June. It is free to attend.

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